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On LAist: “Inside The Mind Of A Modern Sushi Chef”

On LAist, I interview ROKU chef Jiro Kobayashi, whose thoughtful omakase runs the gamut of Hokkaido scallop accompanied with a drop of yuzu pepper paste, to delicately rolled fluke sashimi with vibrant yellow and purple edible flowers sprouting out of it. He talks about his experience doing a grueling but rewarding four-year sushi apprenticeship in Japan. Read…

Recipe: Lemon Shrimp with Charred-Corn-and-Basil Salad

“Diet starts tomorrow” is this ongoing joke that I have with my fiancé all the time. We even fantasize about silk-screening it across some t-shirts some day. But in all realness, my summer diet goal is to just actually cook at home more and throw a salad or two into my otherwise grilled pork belly-laden meals. So, that brings…